Rennovating our back yard

After what seems the longest winter EVER, spring has finally arrived. With spring comes a new batch of projects. Since our little angel, Tank, jumps the fence when he sees kitties, a new fence was first on the list. Before we could install the fence we wanted to get the monoliths out of the backyard. It appears that the house was built around the clothesline; they were huge. Our friend Eric brought over some malls and the demo began.

These things were a bit tricky to get out. Once all the concrete was broken off above ground, there was still about 2-3  feet of concrete below ground for the footings. I wasn’t sure how the heck we’d get them out. One day I came home to see my husband sitting in the neighbor’s yard drinking a beer. Apparently he’d taken the day off and my neighbor, Shane, and Anthony rented a jackhammer and removed the footings! I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved to not have to do something.

Our chain link fence was the next thing to come out. Our neighbors, once again, helped us tear the fence out. Did I mention that we have the best neighbors in the world? Well, we do! They made quick work of it and were done within an hour and a half.

Yes, the yard was a mess; it still is. But hey, we have all summer and at least it’s not sub zero anymore! Our new cedar posts went in the following Tuesday and even though the fence wasn’t done, I was really excited that there was an end in sight! The posts were beautiful themselves; perhaps it was just the smell that made them so wonderful or maybe it was the satisfaction of turning a three year dream into reality.

The rest of the fence went up in a few hours. Those guys must be really efficient or maybe they just have all the right tools. It turned out painfully gorgeous. I’m really happy with the fence. I did the research and got several quotes and we were actually able to put this up without having to sell our first born. It has created a very safe, secure backyard that our nervous little pound puppy is finally able to relax in. And we’re also able to relax because the dogs aren’t barking at everyone who happens to walk by. I hope we have a long summer/fall so we can enjoy every moment of our new back yard. A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us out with this project. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun or inexpensive to do this without you! We are very fortunate to have so many creative, caring, hardworking people in our lives.

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