Patio Project

With the fence up now we needed a place to put our awesome Craigslist furniture. I found 4 chairs for $75 and a beautiful table for $45. I originally wanted to do a block patio but then my mother mentioned the wood patio they put under their gazebo at their farm. I actually helped my dad put it in a couple summers ago. My folks are notorious for finding ways to do things smarter, easier and faster. Probably because they’ve done it before but I’d like to think it’s just because they’re super smart…and hopefully passed those genes on to me! So we decided to do a cedar patio to match the fence. I’m very hesitant to take on a project without consulting them before hand, so I was super excited when they decided to come down and help us install the patio! It turned out to be a lot more work than I’d expected but we’d have ended up with a 30 degree incline and jagged edges all over the place if they hadn’t come down to visit with their patio building expertise. It turned out gorgeous and I wish they would’ve had time to enjoy it but I guess we have all summer!

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