Fathers day card

For a man who has everything, a card will have to do! My dad is a pretty easy man to please for Fathers day. This year we drove back home and all my dad got was this card, some Reese’s peanut butter cups and a day of hanging out with me! It was a fun weekend and he always says not to get him anything so I thought that’s the least I could do!

I cut this card out on the Cricut that my folks got me for my birthday. It was really fun to decorate. The picture doesn’t really show it but the paper kinda looks like denim material and the accents are gold embossing.

Here’s the back. I loved the little pockets! And last but not least….wait for it……

….the inside! If you can’t read it, it says “I’m so glad I have your “genes!”” Yup…that’s right…I’m a huge dork. But I think my dad got a kick out of it!

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My sister and brother in law got me a gift card and a hanging flower basket from a place called Bachman’s for my birthday this year. Never been there before but I went there this weekend. It….was…..awesome. I felt like I went on vacation for two hours. There was so much stuff! I picked up some stuff for my garden.

I call this one Peggy Hill. I also bought a door for the gnome house….so he can get in, of course.

This one is Francis. His toadstool is a rain gauge! I couldn’t just leave him in that big store…..

All in all I had an awesome time and my gift certificate was well spent on some much needed decorations for the back yard! A big thank you to my sister and brother in law for the fantastic experience!

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Well I found some pictures of my raised garden bed when I first put it in. All fresh plants and ready to grow! I’m hoping to expand next year. This year I just planted the essentials…tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, herbs, kale and mescalin. This was taken around May 18 this year.

Here’s the garden about two days ago. Yeah….I know! My tomatoes look like one of the monsters from Sesame Street! I actually harvested the first few cherry tomatoes yesterday. There’s nothing better than garden tomatoes still warm from the sun! We’ve used quite a bit of the herbs too! I’ve had a bit of a problem with bugs on my winter crops but I made a garlic tonic for those plants and it seems to be keeping the cabbage moths away. It’s crazy but the only fertilizer I’ve used on these plants is organic earthworm castings. I think the location is key here. These plants are on the south side of the house and get TONS of sun all day. And of course a lot of love from me!

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Craftroom renovation

When we first moved into our house I had about 3 weeks between the time we moved in and the start of the semester. So we had to do some quick renovations on the room we had planned to make into an office. We ended up with a marine blue color on the walls (which never really fit with the single light bulb in the room.) Since we’ve had beautiful weeks and rainy weekends this spring and summer I thought I’d use the rainy weekends to renovate what was once an office into my new, improved craft room!

This is the blue color it was before we painted. Not terribly exciting.

Welcome to my new craft room! Since the renovation I’ve added some new peg board(off to the left) and some new shelves and of course a new color!

Here’s the new color and my picture wall. I set up a desk for my laptop too so I can use my Cricut easily and have everything on hand!

Here’s my sewing station. In the background you can see the Joann’s bag that I used for my inspiration for the colors and patterns.

This is the ironing station with my new (old) shelves!

Here’s the new organizer that I’m so glad I added! It’s a pretty cheap way to add some extra space to a desktop. I still have plenty of room to add more stuff to the pegboard so I have no reason not to hit up the sales when I see them!

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