Redneck Party

So my husband celebrated his 30th birthday in a fashion that he wasn’t expecting. My parents and inlaws have been plotting for the last month or so about how to pull this off. Anthony and I have been talking for a few years now about planning a redneck party at our house and we finally made it happen. It was a bit more challenging than expected since I decided to make it a surprise party. Thirty is a big one so I figured I better make it a big deal. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get ahold of some of his friends and planning the party without spilling the beans. My folks helped me out immensely and made all of the food so it wouldn’t look suspicious. My inlaws brought some old racing outfits that Anthony wore when he was younger(which are super cute!) and made a very cool “You might be a redneck if…” card for him. My mother in law, Val, is pretty talented and created it on the drive down here!

It was, of course, a costume party so we had some pretty extravagant costumes here. I was sporting the costume of a drunk, cigarette smoking pregnant lady, the belly courtesy of my mother! My father in law, Roger, came in the back gate and though, “Damn, how long has it been since I’ve seen her?” The costume was VERY convincing. My mom made it from upholstery foam in a little(or not so little) home made casing. I was telling everyone I was 14 months pregnant!

We had a redneck photo booth that consisted of a game camera that took pictures whenever there was movement in the frame.

We were very fortunate that most of our favorite neighbors were able to make it. Seems like we’re in a highly service oriented neighborhood so two of our friends were out serving our country at the time of the party but the rest of our neighbors showed up in full costume. Shane is currently over serving our country in Afghanistan and we sure wish he could have been there because he is a HUGE part of our neighborhood. Dave is out of state right now on training  and is a big part of the neighborhood too! Guess that just means we have to do it again. We were fortunate that their better halves were there and could celebrate with us. We’ve also got some great neighbors right next door that brought some amazing costumes and conversation to the party! A lot of my classmates and friends were there too, which I was so thankful for! They hear  me talk nonstop about my neighbors and parents and husband and it was awesome for them to be able to actually meet them.

We had us a good ol’ fashioned champagne jam!

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