The Nerdery strikes again

On Saturday of this last weekend my husband participated in the Polar Bear Plunge. For anyone unfamiliar with the plunge, you donate money to an organization and then you get to jump in a frozen lake. Fun huh? Well apparently it is; I was there as a spectator and it was actually a really good time! That is until I lost feeling in my three smallest toes! He went with a group of co-workers from the Nerdery, and all of those people are just awesome. I had a blast talking to his co-workers and watching them freeze their butts off after they got out. But the consensus was that it actually wasn’t that cold! As strange as it seems, the water was warmer than the air that day so it must have been a relief to get into the water after waiting in line! It stayed in the single digits all of Saturday so the water was at least 20 degrees warmer than the air. The group got to jump in a hot tub for awhile after the jump so it paid off for them. Also there was beer and pizza for the post party! Good times but I’m still looking forward to spring!

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Snowmageddon 2011

Ok guys. Not sure where everyone’s at who is reading this right now but I’m in Minneapolis. It’s been snowing for over 24 hours now and we’re pushing 13+ inches of snow right now…and it’s still snowing! My clothesline is over 6 feet tall and we’re forming a small mountain of snow that has finally hit the clothesline. We had melting temperatures for most of last week, but it wouldn’t be the midwest if there wasn’t that end of the winter snowstorm. We’ve shoveled five times in the last day and there’s still about 2 inches on our sidewalk. Oy vay! That’s a lot of snow. I’m just hoping it stops over night so I can get back to work tomorrow. Doesn’t this photo make it look just lovely outside?

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Here’s one of the first batches of lefse theĀ  hubby and I made this last weekend. It was the first time I’ve done it without my mom around to tell me what needs to be done but I think it was a total success. It was delicious!

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