Redneck Party

So my husband celebrated his 30th birthday in a fashion that he wasn’t expecting. My parents and inlaws have been plotting for the last month or so about how to pull this off. Anthony and I have been talking for a few years now about planning a redneck party at our house and we finally made it happen. It was a bit more challenging than expected since I decided to make it a surprise party. Thirty is a big one so I figured I better make it a big deal. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get ahold of some of his friends and planning the party without spilling the beans. My folks helped me out immensely and made all of the food so it wouldn’t look suspicious. My inlaws brought some old racing outfits that Anthony wore when he was younger(which are super cute!) and made a very cool “You might be a redneck if…” card for him. My mother in law, Val, is pretty talented and created it on the drive down here!

It was, of course, a costume party so we had some pretty extravagant costumes here. I was sporting the costume of a drunk, cigarette smoking pregnant lady, the belly courtesy of my mother! My father in law, Roger, came in the back gate and though, “Damn, how long has it been since I’ve seen her?” The costume was VERY convincing. My mom made it from upholstery foam in a little(or not so little) home made casing. I was telling everyone I was 14 months pregnant!

We had a redneck photo booth that consisted of a game camera that took pictures whenever there was movement in the frame.

We were very fortunate that most of our favorite neighbors were able to make it. Seems like we’re in a highly service oriented neighborhood so two of our friends were out serving our country at the time of the party but the rest of our neighbors showed up in full costume. Shane is currently over serving our country in Afghanistan and we sure wish he could have been there because he is a HUGE part of our neighborhood. Dave is out of state right now on training  and is a big part of the neighborhood too! Guess that just means we have to do it again. We were fortunate that their better halves were there and could celebrate with us. We’ve also got some great neighbors right next door that brought some amazing costumes and conversation to the party! A lot of my classmates and friends were there too, which I was so thankful for! They hear  me talk nonstop about my neighbors and parents and husband and it was awesome for them to be able to actually meet them.

We had us a good ol’ fashioned champagne jam!

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Pure Romance

Well it’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been busy party planning and being sick! I had a very successful Pure Romance party last night. It was so much fun! The woman who presented everything is a neighbor and she’s awesome! She knows her stuff and she was totally professional but still a lot of fun! I had about 10 ladies over here and I made a bunch of food; ham wrapped asparagus, olive bites, little smokies(wouldn’t have been a sexy party with little wieners!) chocolate covered bananas, meringues and baked caprese salad. There is NO food left today! That always makes me feel good when I know that people want to eat my food! I get that from my mother! I’m still looking for the motivation to clean up the kitchen, but then again it’s barely 8 in the morning! This might be my last party for awhile. It’s been a busy couple weeks. I think I’ll focus on fixing up the house for a few months and then resume partying when the weather gets a bit better. Maybe I can finally get my folks down here to meet some of my friends!

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Too much lefse!!!

Well we’re still making lefse and I’ve come to the conclusion that 2 batches is too much no matter how many people you have at your house! We made lefse yesterday afternoon and still have dough left. We’ve got lefse in fridge, lefse in the freezer, lefse hanging off the dogs….well maybe not that last one. There’s a ton of it. One of our friends brought over butter mixed with brown sugar and one mixed with honey and boy are those tasty. I wonder how much lefse I would have to eat to make none of my clothes fit anymore? I’d better not risk finding out! I did manage to make it to the gym yesterday to burn off the 1/2 pound of butter I probably ate in the last 3 days. I think I had cream and sugar coming out of my pores by then. Oh well…that’s what the gym is for! Anyhow, we have a bunch of lefse. The scary thing is I’m still not sick of it.

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Well the party was a complete success. We had about 15 people in the house at one time, for lefse making and dinner. Unfortunately some of my awesome neighbors weren’t able to make it, which I was disappointed by. But these things happen! We’ll just have to plan another one! People ate a ton of food. I always love that. I think the favorite dishes were the Swedish meatballs and the kuchen. They both turned out just awesome! I love feeding people and it’s an uplifting experience to have people complement your cooking ability!

I sit here this morning, watching my husband and dogs sleep, and I’m already fantasizing about my next party….what will it be??? We’ll have to get the house cleaned up and take it from there I guess.

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Little lefse cards

OOOOHHH!!!! It’s getting close now! Yesterday I made up my lefse recipe cards for my guests. I’m having a bit of a problem sleeping; I was up at 4:30 this morning…on my day off! I guess I’m letting the excitement get to me. Not really worried about anything, just excited to feed people. I get that from my mom! Here’s a photo of my recipe cards.

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Lefse Stick Raffle

Well my painfully talented parents have done it again. When they found out we were throwing a lefse party(and after a subtle suggestion) they made me a couple lefse sticks to raffle off for the party! The sticks themselves are made from North Dakota maple(I think) and hand made by my super talented father. He made me one a few years back but I was just recently able to put it to use! The decoration on the handle was created by my mother with her wood burning tools. They turned out even more beautiful than I expected! I have to thank my parents for always praising my creative side. It’s definitely something that’s come in handy; whether it’s renovating a garage sale find or making a table runner, my folks always have helpful tips and ways to make things easier! Chances are they’ve done something similar in the past. Now I have to think of a creative way to raffle them off. Maybe for every 5 pieces of lefse you make you get to put in a raffle ticket? Any ideas?? Anyone???

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Lefse Party

Well the first party in our new(ish) house is in full swing! We’ve had quite a bit of fun planning for it. When we lived in AZ we had a few pretty fun parties at various homes we had down there. Thanksgiving, burrito, Halloween….we did it all! Cooking was always a challenge because we were vegan or vegetarian while we were down there. We never had any complaints on the crazy food we served so apparently we did something right! The theme for this up coming party is a lefse party with European comfort food. The menu includes all sorts of goodies. Swedish meatballs and buttered noodles, caprese salad, kuchen and polish coleslaw are a few of the foods that will be served. Oh…and lefse….lots and lots of lefse. I had nightmares on Friday that I wasn’t prepared for the party, forgot to make the lefse batter, the grill didn’t work…several bad dreams! I had to try out my new grill on Saturday just to make sure it worked for the party! Well, by the end of the day we had TONS of lefse in the fridge and freezer and in ours and our neighbors bellies! So at least we know the grill works. Now we just have to prep the rest of the food. Anthony and I have both taken Friday off so that we can do double duty on the party prepping! Hope all goes well!

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