Fathers day card

For a man who has everything, a card will have to do! My dad is a pretty easy man to please for Fathers day. This year we drove back home and all my dad got was this card, some Reese’s peanut butter cups and a day of hanging out with me! It was a fun weekend and he always says not to get him anything so I thought that’s the least I could do!

I cut this card out on the Cricut that my folks got me for my birthday. It was really fun to decorate. The picture doesn’t really show it but the paper kinda looks like denim material and the accents are gold embossing.

Here’s the back. I loved the little pockets! And last but not least….wait for it……

….the inside! If you can’t read it, it says “I’m so glad I have your “genes!”” Yup…that’s right…I’m a huge dork. But I think my dad got a kick out of it!

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Craftroom renovation

When we first moved into our house I had about 3 weeks between the time we moved in and the start of the semester. So we had to do some quick renovations on the room we had planned to make into an office. We ended up with a marine blue color on the walls (which never really fit with the single light bulb in the room.) Since we’ve had beautiful weeks and rainy weekends this spring and summer I thought I’d use the rainy weekends to renovate what was once an office into my new, improved craft room!

This is the blue color it was before we painted. Not terribly exciting.

Welcome to my new craft room! Since the renovation I’ve added some new peg board(off to the left) and some new shelves and of course a new color!

Here’s the new color and my picture wall. I set up a desk for my laptop too so I can use my Cricut easily and have everything on hand!

Here’s my sewing station. In the background you can see the Joann’s bag that I used for my inspiration for the colors and patterns.

This is the ironing station with my new (old) shelves!

Here’s the new organizer that I’m so glad I added! It’s a pretty cheap way to add some extra space to a desktop. I still have plenty of room to add more stuff to the pegboard so I have no reason not to hit up the sales when I see them!

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Little pear pincushion

I got this idea from my latest Crafts n’Things magazine. They had a funky colored pear pin cushion in there, and me, being snowed in, is bored to heck! So I sorted through my craft room(which my sister organized for me back in January!) and found some cool fabric to create my own pin cushion. The pattern was super easy to cut out and sew, although getting all those small pieces together was a little challenging, I think anyone can make this. I always see patterns for crafts that I think I don’t have supplies for but I think if you have any sort of craft collection, you can find something that will work for any pattern. Don’t have the specialty paints for a certain craft project? Use acrylic paints and mix the colors that you want! Don’t have felt for that sewing project? Use a scrap piece of fabric and fray the edges! Improvise! I’m not big in the money and some of these craft project require a ton of specialty products to make them. With a little imagination you can probably make the same projects with stuff you have in your house. This is especially useful when you are snowed in, can’t get to a craft store and bored out of your mind!

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Tropical curtains

After holding onto the fabric for over a month now, I finally finished these tropical curtains for my neighbor. I’ve been busy with all the party planning and cooking and such so I didn’t get around to it right away. I always get stressed out about making something, hemming something, anything that I do for someone else. I always think that I’ll ruin something and this project was no different! They loved them so that’s all that matters! Now that my parties and projects are done what do I do with my time! Spring is on its way so I’m sure I’ll be busy making my house beautiful on the outside once the snow melts. I can’t wait!

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