Utilizing my utility room

Normally I would be completely embarrassed to post the before picture of my utility room. It was a total disaster…our recent basement remodel left tons of junk in the space and it has been a dumping ground for “stuff” since we moved in 3 years ago. We couldn’t hardly get to the furnace to change the air filter! The room itself is pretty big. Maybe 9×12 or so. Room enough to work inside on wood projects or painting or whatever I want I guess. But to appreciate the after pictures, you have to see the before….so here we go!So last weekend I got bored and decided it was time for some spring cleaning. I had to cut a path back to the back room where we keep supplies and paint and stuff. I am fortunate that the owners left this little card catalog type thing on the wall in the utility room. It is absolutely perfect for miscellaneous screws and small tools. They even have a space for a label on the front so you can find all the stuff after it’s been organized.Some of the trays have these neat little sub compartments which are just perfect for different sized wire connectors or nails. The little containers have obviously not been used in years judging from the cobwebs and dust in them. But I had so much fun cleaning and organizing and I’m sooo thankful the previous owners didn’t take it with them!

This nifty little tool board is directly above the work bench in the utility room. Everything was in the room to make it totally functional, it just needed to be organized! There were actually nails already in the board; I added a few but mostly just started throwing tools on the board.

So here is the finished product. It’s nothing to call home about but is SUCH an improvement. My only regret is that I’d done it sooner in the winter so I’d be able to tackle some of my projects before the thaw. It took me two days and about 4 bags of garbage but now I have a completely functional room to use as I please! Perhaps I’m one of the few people who enjoys this kind of satisfaction(except maybe my sister and my mom) but I feel pretty good about how I spent last weekend!

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One mans trash…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love thrift store shopping, rummage sales and SAVERS!!!! So Wednesday is my go to day to go to Savers because they offer a student discount. If you wanna save money, why not wait to get your biggest discount right? So I went last night and found some awesome deals one of which is pictured below. I’m not real big on seasonal decorating; I like the cottage-ey look of my house year round. But if I find something cute and seasonal, you’d better believe I’ll put it up somewhere. Especially if I find it on sale! So this little gem is hanging on my front door. It’s super cute; glittery and has some branchy stuff wrapped around it. The wreath behind it is made out of cute little easter eggs. AND I got if for the low, low price of….wait for it….$3.99! I couldn’t have made it for that cheap. Plus mine probably wouldn’t have turned out this cute! Just wanted to share…and remind people that there’s more than junk at the thrift stores!

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